FJC A/C Flush Solvent

  When Retrofitting from R12 to R134a, FJC A/C Flush Solvent will remove the mineral or paraffin oil and prepare the system to accept R134a and the Ester or PAG oil. FJC A/C Flush Solvent will help prevent any reaction between PAG oil and any chlorine left in the system.  

FJC A/C Flush is Non-toxic, Non-hazardous, and Biodegradable!


FJC Flush

  • Developed specifically for R12 and R134a a/c systems.
  • Compatible with Mineral, Ester, Paraffin and PAG oil.
  • Compatible with all a/c components.
  • Removes moisture, acid, and contaminants, that can block the flow of oil and refrigerants.
  • Residual flush remaining in the system will enhance system performance.
  • Flush prevents acid from forming and neutralizes any acid presently in the system.
  • Stops any current and inhibits future corrosion due to moisture and acid.
  • Can be used in FJC Flush Kit.
  • 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic and non- hazardous.
  NOTE: Old style flush kits and nozzles WILL NOT provide adequate flow using FJC A/C Flush Solvent. For best results use FJC Flush Kit (Part # 2710) or replace old style flush nozzle with FJC Flush Nozzle (Part # 2712).

FJC Flush Kit

  FJC Flush Gun
  • Designed specifically for use with FJC A/C Flush Solvent.
  • Replaces older style flush kits and nozzles.
  • Provides full cleaning potential from FJC A/C Flush Solvent.
  • Flush Kit will remove contaminants, moisture and acid from R12 or R134a a/c systems.
  • Detailed instructions included.


FJC Flush in a Bucket

  Everthing you need to flush!    

Flush in a bucket

  • 1 gallon of flush solvent
  • Flush gun kit
  • Safety goggles
  • Retrofitting guide
  • Flush couplers

Part Number





FJC2032 1 Quart flush




FJC2128 1 Gallon flush




FJC2710 Flush kit




FJC1996 Flush in a bucket




* Free FJC Catalog included with first order

* $5.00 handling charging for all orders under $50.00


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