X-Change Fast Flush Coolant Changer

Operational Manual for Safe Use

Warning !! Use Extreme Caution !! System may be hot and under pressure ...ALLOW SYSTEM TO COOL !!

1)- Determine volume of the cooling system to be serviced. Fill the Fast Flush Coolant Changers top tank with the proper amount of recycled antifreeze (see "How to Refill The Top Tank" instructions) or a mix of 50-50 antifreeze and water (your freeze point should be -34 below zero). Its a good idea to use a little more coolant than the cooling system holds to assure a complete flush. Plug the unit into a 110 volt power source. Check the 15 gallon bottom waste tank to make sure there is enough room left for the next flush ... if not drain the waste coolant tank into your "Save Used Coolant Only" Drum (see "How To Drain The Waste Coolant Tank" instructions)

2)- Remove coolant overflow tank cap and radiator cap. CAUTION !! Never open a radiator cap with pressure in the system !!!

3)- Insert black pump hose into coolant overflow tank, turn pump on and remove all coolant - repeat procedure from top of radiator removing as much liquid as possible. Replace the radiator cap.

4)- Loosen upper radiator hose clamp and remove hose from radiator. Insert connector from red drain hose on coolant changer into upper radiator hose and clamp securely. With correct accordion hose attached to green line fill connector, attach to the upper radiator connection and secure with hose clamp. Both valves should be closed (handle at 90 degrees to valve).

CAUTION !! Make sure all hoses are clear of moving engine parts!!

5)- Open valve on green fill hose. Start the vehicle engine and turn the heater all the way up. Open valve on red drain hose.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The vehicles water pump removes the old coolant as new coolant enters. If the new coolant level in the upper fill tank does not drop, or stops dropping, close the valve on the red drain hose, wait 1/2 minute and reopen. Repeat if necessary until 2 to 3 quarts remain in the upper fill tank then close the green fill hose valve.

NOTE: The vehicles thermostat allows the used coolant to be removed by opening and then closing. This may occur several times during the process. Opening and closing the drain as described above will protect vehicles with the thermostat ahead of the water pump from pumping all the coolant out of the engine block which may result in engine damage.

6)- When 2 to 3 quarts of coolant remain in the top tank, turn off the green fill hose valve, stop the engine, turn off the heater, and close the valve on the red drain hose.

7)- Using Extreme Caution !! Remove the radiator cap. Suction coolant from the top of the radiator to eliminate any spillage when disconnecting the hose lines in step #8.

8)- Remove the red drain connection from the upper radiator hose. Remove the green fill hose from the radiator and reconnect the upper radiator hose to the radiator. Clamp securely.

9)- Using green fill hose, top off radiator and overflow tank. Note: It may be necessary to restart the engine and run for a short period of time to ensure that the coolant level is full.

10)- Replace all caps, start vehicle, check for leaks.

How To Refill The Top Tank:

Remove the black hose from the bottom 15 gallon waste tank, place in the top tank, place the suction end of black pump hose into bulk fresh recycled coolant drum, turn pump on .. fill the top tank for the next job (see step #1).. replace all hoses to their original position.

How To Drain The Waste Coolant Tank:

Remove the black hose from the bottom waste coolant tank and place it in the "Save Used Coolant Only" drum (your "Save Used Coolant Only" drum should hold at least 55 gallons). Place the suction end of black hose into the bottom waste coolant tank .. turn on pump .. drain the waste coolant tank .. replace all hoses to their original position.