S390 Semi Automatic
Economy Tire Changer

  The S390 is a no frills tire changer that is perfect for dismantlers and shops with low tire volume. It is a wheel clamp tire changer with two way table rotation that can handle the tire sizes on almost all cars and light trucks. It is not recommended for changing run-flat tires.  
  • Includes plastic and metal duck head
  • Free rim protector kit including:
    Four clamp protectors
    Duck head inserts
    Lever cover
    Bead breaker cover
  • Two way table rotation
  • Automatic oiler
  • Air pressure regulator and water separator included
  • Lube container
  • 6,000 lb. bead breaking force
  • Up to 12.5" rim width
  • Up to 39.5" tire diameter
  • 12"-20" inside clamping
  • 10"-18" outside clamping (20" with adapters)
  • 2 year/ limited lifetime warranty
  Tireworks / SICE USA S390 economy tire changer

  The S390 can change tires as well as machines that are twice the price. If you need a basic tire machine and don't want to spend a lot of money, the S390 is perfect for you. The S390 is low cost, but not low strength. It provides bead breaking force (6,000 lb.) that exceeds many manufacturers top of the line machines. Don't be fooled by the price, the S390 is a rugged, no frills machine. It is strong and durable and has a 2 year/limited lifetime warranty to back it up.  
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