OMNI's patented "Flame Control System" is the key to our reliability and high efficiency. Our system completely stabilizes the volume, pressure, and temperature of the fuel and air mixture. After initial installation, our heaters require no more maintenance than a conventional fuel oil burning furnace.

  Omni's oil flow control pump regulates oil by volume rather than pressure. This provides a consistent amount of oil to the burner regardless of the viscosity of the oil. Omni heaters can efficiently burn oil viscosity's from 90 weight gear oil to automatic transmission fluid.  

Omni Waste Oil Heater Flow Pump


Omni Waste Oil Furnance Pre-heat System

  Omni's solid state oil pre-heat control provides precise oil temperature at the burner nozzle. This results in the most thorough burn and provides maximum heat efficiency with low exhaust emissions.  
  Omni provides an integrated oil-less air compressor to supply consistent air pressure and volume at the burner nozzle. Our compressor requires no maintenance and saves your shop compressor.  

Omni Waste Oil Heater Burner

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